Let’s make things #clear;; 💙

2 min readNov 21, 2022


A small contrib to F# interactive


This article is a bit of a post scriptum.
Last year I wanted to add to fsharp interactive console (dotnet fsi) this directive


What it does? Nothing fancy but can still be useful..


Unfortunately I had some troubles running and fixing the FSI tests, and the community had to come and help me out there. But other tests did run fine on VS with no specific setup…

It’s lovely 💌 to contribute to the F# opensource community and people 🙌 are really awesome and helpful, thanks to anyone who helped me in this tentative addition ot the language!
cc. baronfel, vazrytovski and ofc dsyme.

So, why not? You can also contribute !

Start by cloning the fsharp repo and try running your tests!

Plus join the F# slack channel for tips and hints, and lots of people willing to help you in various channels!

F# community is amazing! spread the love 💙